Vegetable Juice Recipe, the Best food for Your Health

vegetable juice

Vegetable juice recipe is commonly used by many people. As we know that vegetables consist of much nutrition which is very useful for our health. For the beginner, may be this something is very strange and are not familiar. Sometime you also feel so confuse with the ingredients of the juice. You must know from the beginning that vegetable juice recipe is very important for your health. Not only good for your health, but it also can be the way for you who search for the best trick of diet.

Here, the vegetable juice recipe can be tried by you:

The first is spinach. Spinach is good vegetable for your health. Spinach consists of vitamin, calcium, carbohydrate, and much nutrition. If you want to try the juice at home, you can prepare a bunch of spinach, 2 apples and mineral water. Blend it till the composition mix well. If it is ready, you can drink it and you will find that spinach juice is very delicious and not bitter. And for your information, spinach can improve your health because it prevents the cardiovascular disease, protects your skin from UV light, improves the eye’s health, decreases hypertension, prevents diabetes, prevents anemia, corroborates digestion, prevents alzheimer, decelerates the process of aging, decreases fat in your body, prevents osteoporosis and against cancer cell.

Second juice can be tried is cabbage juice. Cabbage consist of vitamin A, C, E and K and sulphoriphae which can be the nutrition for improving your health, forming red blood cells, good for brain and digestion, decreasing fat of body, good for detoxification, anti-inflammation (infection), good for health of stones, healing the headache, smoothen bowel movement, good for fetus and heart, avoiding you from the risk of cancer. If you want to try it, you can try it step by step. For the beginning, you can mix it with carrot till you are familiar with it, and every day you can add the cabbage in the high portion till you familiar with it.
Third juice is tomato juice. Tomato consist of carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, and C, calcium, phosphor, iron, natrium, kalium, fiber, abd water. Tomato can prevent cancer cell, cardiovascular disease, healing diabetes, keeping the health of hair and good for your digestion’s health. If you want to try, you can prepare 3 cups chopped tomatoes, 1 stalk celery, 1 cucumber, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt and pepper. Blend it till you can drink it easily.

How to Get the Best Vegetable Juice Recipe?

There are so much juice recipe for your health, but you should know what the best juice for your body. For example if you have hypertension, you shouldn’t consume juices that can make your blood tension high. As well as the time for consumed the juice should be organized well, you don’t drink juice as substitute the food. Consuming it without ignore many food that usually consume as the source of energy. If you can apply the vegetable juice recipe properly, you can get the health body and many benefit will you get from vegetable juice recipe.

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