A Guide before Juicing for Detox

juicing for detox

Juicing for detox has become part of a healthy lifestyle trend today. Detoxification itself is an attempt to cleanse the body from toxins that accumulate through consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages. One way to detox is by drinking a mixture of vegetable and fruit juice to cleanse the body from the inside, and provide the necessary nutrients for the body.

Characteristics of a good juice

Good juices are derived from fresh vegetables and fruits which leave grains that carry good fiber for the body. You should also maintain its cleanliness and freshness to get the best benefit from the juice. Choose fruits and vegetables with different colors to get a lot of benefits of vitamins and minerals. However, do not force yourself to only consume the juice. If you are unable to do so, you can still eat meals that are also free of chemicals and preservatives.

Preparation before juicing for detox

Find the best time to do the detox
During the detox process, most of the energy will be focused to the disposal process. Therefore, there is no point in doing a detox if you are still busy with activities that consume lot of energy and mind. Doing a detox in such circumstances will not make your body healthy.

Familiarize yourself before you start
Time to undergo juicing for detox is 3-40 consecutive days, depending on circumstances. For those who are not familiar with the juice detox program, you should first train yourself by consuming the juice a few days earlier alongside with a full course meal. Reduce your meal portions and adding your juice portion little by little. This is to accustom your body to undergo detox and to minimize health problems that can occur such as diarrhea, dizziness, and weakness.

In order to adapt to the program easily, 1-2 weeks before doing a detox program you should start to:- Reduce high fat foods, such as fried foods, animal protein (including dairy products), and refined carbohydrates especially those containing flour and sugar (including sodas).
- Reduce salt and sugar intake.
- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drugs
- Avoid all types of industrially processed foods (canned, instant, etc.)

Consult your doctor or dietician
In order to get good result and live comfortably without feeling worried there would be complications in your body when you do this detox program, you should meet your doctor or dietitian to have medical consultation.

Key points when juicing for detox
Do not rush when taking it. Although it is in the liquid form, water and juices should still be gulped slowly and little by little. So, do not drink it quickly, especially all at once. Drink or eat in a hurry can cause some processes to be carried out of the body to food, has elapsed. The food that is not processed properly will decay prematurely which is not good for your body.

Reach for a healthy, safe, and better quality of life by regularly consume juice because juicing for detox will not only heal you, it is also very beneficial to maintain your health.
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