Types of Green Juices Good for Pregnancy

Green Juices

While you are in pregnancy, you need to take care of your body more since it will not only influence your body but your fetus as well. That’s why women who are in pregnancy commonly consume more healthy nutrients to supply their fetus needs. There are loads of ways that can be used to help improving nutrients intake during pregnancy. One of them is through juicing for pregnancy. Green juices particularly do not only provide you with important nutrients that your body needs but also improve your overall health. Fresh juices are good to be consumed in pregnancy since it is easier to be digested.  Here, some nutrients and types of green juices that you can consider.

If you want to add green juices into your regular meals during pregnancy, you need to concern about types of nutrients that should be included in the juice. Your juices should contain these nutrients since they do not only good for your health but also your unborn baby. Folic acid becomes one of must important nutrients that need to be taken by pregnant women as it supports the forming of fetus’s cells. This nutrient is highly essential to be consumed particularly during beginning stage of pregnancy. Folic acid can be taken from leafy veggies and beets. Another nutrient that you should not forget to include in juicing for pregnancy is calcium since it is important to support the growth of baby’s bones. Calcium which is good for pregnancy can be taken from green veggies and almond milk. Fiber also happens to be an important nutrient that should never be forgotten while you are in pregnancy. Besides good for the unborn baby, fiber is also good for mom to make her digestion run smoothly. There are many women who have problems with digestion when they are pregnant. But, it can be solved if they consume more fiber. Besides, fiber is also good to control blood pressure. Fiber source can be taken from leafy vegetables and fruits such as oranges and raspberries. To support the forming of red blood in the fetus, you need to have sufficient iron intake. Iron also plays essential role in improving both mom and fetus immune system. The majority of green vegetables contain loads of iron.

While those are types of nutrients that you should pack on the juice, these are some recipes of green juices that perhaps you can make at home for your juicing for pregnancy.  Perhaps this one is considered as simplest juice recipe for pregnant women. All you have to do is just mixing one big cucumber and a half of green apple, run the blender for a while and your fresh green juice is ready. You also can try green juice which is beneficial to boost baby body. You will require more ingredients than the first one but it is quite easy to get. You need to prepare a number of fruits consisting one banana and both one cup for raspberries and strawberries. Add them with two cups of plain almond and with similar amount of swiss chard. Put also one tablespoon of flaxseed powder and run the juicer to form a juice.
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