Tips to Make a Juice during Pregnancy


Juice can be a great yet alternative way for moms-to-be to get more vitamins and minerals intake which are needed during pregnancy. Consuming juices especially the fresh ones are good for both mom and fetus since they provide nutrients without any over amount of calories and additives such as in packaged-juices. Even though a juice is rich which concentrated nutrients, you should not use juice to substitute a meal. Juice actually aims to provide nutrients and calories that you cannot find common drinks. Hence, juice is usually taken with daily meal. Here, tips for
juicing during pregnancy that you can try at home.

Choices of fruits and vegetables that you want to include in the juice are important. While you are in pregnancy, organic fruits and veggies are better since they receive less exposure to toxic and chemical substances from pesticides. Carrots for instance, contain beta carotene which is good to improve your fetus’s immune. Fruits which are rich with vitamin C such as apricot are important to support the growth of bone and teeth. Besides, fruits containing high potassium are beneficial for potential mom because they can manage the blood sugar. Before take them into a juicer, wash and clean them using brush to alleviate any dirt and possible manure. You need also chop the damaged or rotten part since it may contain bacteria. It should be an important thing that needs to be concerned in juicing for pregnancy as bacteria can be dangerous for your fetus. You had better to read the instructions on how to use a juicer. Some juicers may handle the whole size of fruits and veggies while some others perhaps cannot accommodate heavy-duty. Hence, you need to cut them into smaller size so that it can be processed easily. After all the ingredients are put in the juicer, then you can run it.

If you like, you can put additional ingredients to your fresh juice. A number of herbs are beneficial for mom’s health during pregnancy. Ginger for example is one type of herbs which can help mom to reduce some symptoms in pregnancy such as nausea and throwing up. Another ingredient that you can add in the juice is yogurt. Yogurts come with good bacteria that can help to maintain the healthiness of mom’s digestive system. The majority of moms-to-be commonly experience either constipation or haemorrhoids while they are in pregnancy period. This problem can be treated one of them is through a juice. Fresh juice which contains fruits and veggies provide high fiber that helps the digestion runs smoothly.  This problem also can be solved by adding lentils in the juice. Lentils contain high protein and fiber which help to treat these digestive problems. Another option of juicing for pregnancy is by placing small amount of figs in the fresh juice since this fruit is not only high in fiber but also has high calcium and potassium.  You had better to drink the fresh juice instantly after it is done. But, if you want to consume it later, you need to keep in the fridge.

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