Smoothies for Diet

A certified fitness trainer at once nutritionist suggested people to combine many fruits and vegetables to create healthy smoothie recipes

Eating fiber seems to be a big challenge for some people, especially to eat vegetables. Nowadays eating vegetables and fruits become a trend. Not only healthy, these raw materials can be processed to make it tastier by making smoothies.

Unlike the juice, smoothies have thick and dense texture because the material is only smoothing using blender. Some vegetables which are often to make as smoothies are spinach, beets, lettuce, and mint.  In the other side, every fruits can be used as smoothies. 

As the simple guidance, the important thing is the mixture of the vegetables and the fruits are balance. It’s important to consume the smoothies which are made from the organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, if the fruits are too many, the smoothies will not be healthy anymore, because actually fruits contain glucose.

When making fruit smoothies, people do not remove the rind. The fruit rind has a high fiber. For vegetables, green colored vegetables are good choice to make the smoothies. Actually, diet with smoothies is not recommended because it can give bad impact to the body if it is not followed by consuming the solid food and added with carbohydrate, protein, and fat. 

The smoothies are only supporting the amount of the food. The fruits and vegetables don’t replace the main intake of the solid food. But the function is only for snack between the lunch and the dinner and before the bed time.

People are not recommended to consume smoothies as breakfast. Smoothies are good to consume when lunch or dinner time. It’s better to avoid sugar either sugar or artificial sugar in making smoothies. The artificial sugar gives a bad impact to the insulin. 

When most of the sugar, the body becomes less sensitive to the insulin production. The insulin itself has the power to reduce the sugar level inside the body. But the point is add no sugar in the smoothies.  

There are several healthy smoothie recipes to lose to weight:

· Yellow smoothie with tropical fruits
100 ml of lemon water
100 ml milk or plain yoghurt
1 pieces of banana
50 grams of pineapple in pieces

How to make:
Mix and blend all of the ingredients and the tropical yellow smoothie are ready to serve.

· Orange smoothie 
100 ml lemon water
100 ml milk or vanilla yoghurt
50 grams of carrot
50 grams of orange
50 grams of pear

How to make:
Peel and cut into small pieces the carrots, oranges, and the pears. Put them into blender and add the milk or vanilla yoghurt. Then blend them all.

· Red smoothie 
100 ml of plain yoghurt
100 grams of raspberry
175 grams of strawberry
50 grams of melon

How to make:
Put and mix all of the ingredients in the blender.

· Purple smoothie 
100 ml of pomegranate juice
100 ml of yoghurt
100 grams of blackberry
75 grams of blueberry
50 grams of cherry

How to make:
Blend the ingredients until smooth.

Based on those healthy smoothie recipes, people can make other creation by adding more milk or yoghurt to get more nutrients, so the diet will be successful.

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