All Roots Juice for All Weight Loss Purpose

Are you looking for juicing for weight loss recipes? Do prepare beet roots, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Who know, that all these foods that grow under the ground can help you to get a slimmer body. Check the details below.

All Roots Juice

- 1 beet root
- 10 medium carrots
- 1 sweet potato

How to Make:
1. First prepare all the ingredients. Peel, wash and clean them thoroughly.
2. Cut them in small pieces, so they can blend easier.
3. Blend all the ingredients one by one. The order is beet root, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Add some water to help the ingredient blend easier.
4. Last, serve them freshly in a glass.

Benefits for Weight Loss

• Beet Roots
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You can say that beet roots are a wonderful low calories food for weight loss. In ½ cup of sliced beet roots contains of 37 calories compared with ½ cup mashed potatoes contains 160 calories. Beet roots will help to reduce and prevent water storage in our body which usually the cause of excess weight. Beet also contains with lots of nutrients including vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron. They are the sources to help boosting our body’s immunity.

Beet also contains with nutrient that good for health such as phytonutrients called betalains. Betalains are very effective as anti-inflammation and antioxidants sources. Belatains also support detoxification. By reducing toxins in our body, it’ll contribute in the weight loss too. 

Magnesium in beet will increase the level of testosterone higher to promote the fat tissue loss and build muscle. Another nutrient is leucine which usually the ingredients in sport supplements to lose weight.

• Sweet Potatoes
Everyone loves sweet potatoes as sweet carbs foods. Sweet potatoes are low calorie food with no sugar overload. Sweet potatoes contain with compound that promote adiponection level, a hormone to regulate blood sugar in the body. It is also has the low glycemic index rating (50) that prevent the increase of blood sugar after eat. 

If you have regulates blood sugar level, you can control your sugar cravings and slow the digestion. Lastly, not only carbs (about 33 grams per cup) but sweet potatoes also contain with fiber. It is a high fiber food to help control your hunger.

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• Carrots
Carrots are not only good for our eyes because it contains with high vitamin A, but also other great benefits for weight loss and health body. Raw carrots provide fiber that good for losing weight. Fiber helps to slow the digestion so you can feel full longer. 

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Fiber in carrots will remove dangerous bacterial toxins that can be absorbed in the intestines. Antibacterial chemicals contains in carrots also act as mild antibiotic to reduce the level of intestinal inflammation.

Not only food above the ground or on the tree, but surprisingly foods that grow under the ground also give you tons of benefits. Include All Roots Juice in your juicing for weight loss recipes for wonderful benefits especially losing some weight.
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