Essential Reasons, Recipes, and Tips of Juicing for Skin

Juicing for skin

Juicing for skin is a natural and economical method to treat the body. Skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, dull, and acne indeed become a major concern not only for women but also men. One of the causes of all these problems is the effect of sun exposure and lack of nutrition for the skin. Well, to get these nutrients, you can consume varied juices every day.

Why juicing is beneficial for your skin?

Juicing for skin helps us to get benefit from fruits and vegetables in a practical way. We can obtain the advantages of various fruits without having to eat them one by one. The body will also absorb the nutrients easier. In addition, healthy skin is closely related to a properly working liver. Juice extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables will help eliminate toxins and chemicals from our body system.

6 best natural juices for healthy and beautiful skin

1). Carrot juice
Carrots are known as one of the vegetables that are rich in vitamin A, so it is good for maintaining eye health. But, it also contains vitamin C and beta carotene which is good for skin whitening. By consuming carrot juice every day, it will make your skin soft and smooth. It also prevents the occurrence of dark skin.

2). Spinach juice
Besides sharpen the brain memory, spinach juice is often used as an option to brighten and whiten the skin. Spinach juice is also beneficial for skin tightening.

3). Mango juice
This fruit is known as the king of fruits because it is rich in antioxidant which is able to maintain skin health and softness.

4). Lemon juice
This juice tastes fresh and has benefits for skin whitening. Lemon is proven to be effective in removing acne scars, black spots, and other types of stains on your skin.

5). Apple juice
Apple is a fruit that has a sweet and palatable taste. In addition, apples are also rich in nutrients which are good for maintaining a healthy body. Apple is rich in antioxidants that reduce damage to your skin. Skin damaged due to exposure to sunlight continuously will lead to a severe skin disease if you are not taking care of it. Therefore, you must take apple juices as a preventative to those conditions.

6) Jicama juice
Jicama is known for its benefit for skin whitening so it is often used as a base material for making cosmetics for whitening. But, you do not need to buy those cosmetics since you can make it by yourself only by juicing for skin. Its flesh can be shredded and used as a mask to whiten the face from the outside or made juice and salad to brighten the skin from the inside. It can also be consumed directly in order to benefit optimally.

Tips to make fresh, healthy, and delicious juices

- Choose good-quality ingredients.
- Do not add sugar and ice.
- If your juice is too thick or has a dense aroma, you can balance it by adding a few tablespoons of lemon juice.
- Add dried fruits like dates and raisins to make your juice more delicious.

There are so many fruits and vegetables out there that you can use to make juices. You should maintain your skin health and beauty by consuming fresh and nutritious foods, one of which is by juicing for skin.
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