Juice as the Supplementary Food of Breast Milk

Nowadays, more mother make healthy juice recipes to be a supplementary food of breast milk for the baby. Infants need feeding starting from the early stages which is liquid, then continued with the mashed food, and then solid food, and the last is food in the form in pieces. Infants less than 6 months old got breast milk. 

The complementary food or solid food is no recommended because the digestive organs haven’t functioned perfectly. Mothers should give exclusive breastfeeding to the baby until the age of 6 months. The baby is getting older, more active, and need extra food. So the babies who more than 6 months need more nutrients except the breast milk. This is the time to introduce solid food such as juice fruit.

The fruit juice which is good for baby are bananas, papayas, oranges, and tomatoes. Fruits are good because they contains of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, Zinc, and other minerals. When starting to introduce juice to the baby, the mother should begin with the acid fruit juice first. 

For the first step, give the baby approximately 30-50 ml juice to see whether the baby got allergy or not. The amount of the fruit juice should not exceed than 120-180 ml per day to make the baby aren’t very full. 

The most important thing is washed clean the fruits before it’s given to the baby. And it’s better not to add sugar in the juice, because the sugar can cause the problem of overweight in the baby. It is recommended to give pure 100% juice fruits without any artificial sweeteners. 

Here are some healthy juice recipes to give for babies to use as the supplementary food:

· Melon and orange juice 
Melon is fruit with high water and fiber. In addition, melon contains carotenoid, vitamin B, vitamin C. melon can help to reduce fever to baby, increase endurance, and prevent constipation.

200 grams of melon
200 grams orange
50 ml milk

How to make:
Peel the melon and cut into small pieces then mix with orange. Blend them together. After that, add the liquid milk, mix together. And the melon orange juice is ready to serve for the baby.

· Strawberry and banana juice
Banana contains potassium. Potassium served to maintain the water balance in the body, help the delivery of the oxygen to the brain and increase the energy.

4 pieces of strawberries
1 piece of banana
50 ml water

How to make:
Cut the strawberry and the banana into small pieces, put into juicer and add water. Mix them all and the juice is ready to consume.

· Orange juice
Orange has a sweet taste and fresh as well with the high water and vitamin C contents. Orange contains flavonoid and inositol which is good for nerves and muscles. The orange juice can heal the fever, throat ache. Besides orange can boost the immune system, treat infection and prevent the canker sores.


2 oranges

How to make:

Peel the orange and then squeeze the water. The water of the orange is the orange juice.

These healthy juice recipes are completely good to complementary food for baby with age more than 6 months old.

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