Safe Detoxification with Juice

These recipes are the healthy juice recipes for detoxification. Detoxification is the process of metabolism to remove the dirt, toxin, and all the harmful substance inside the body. These substances may come from the food we consumed, soft drinks, and situation surrounding the environment such as the air pollution. 

This process of removing toxins from the body is very positive because it helps the body to do the naturally self- cleaning process. In some cases the process have many reaction whether inside or outside the body. But not all the people experience the detoxification effect.

Some factors which are determined the side effect s of the detoxification are the different metabolism. the different side effect appeared in the detoxification process. The difference highly depends on the number of the poison inside the body and the sensitivity of the body itself. 

Some of the detoxification effects are dizziness, nausea, influenza symptoms, constipation, and heartburn, diarrhea, ached or even itching. Actually this process is important for every people because it can prevent disease, resting organs, clean the body digesting, clean the acne, slow down the aging process, increase the flexibility of the body, and improve the fertility.

Drink lots of water at least 3-4 liter of water helps to do the detoxification process. Besides, juice is also good for removing the toxins. Healthy juice therapy is suitable to support the detoxification process. This process is clean the intestinal organs like liver and digesting organs. 

The point is the consistency of drinking the juice at least in 3 until 14 days. Detoxification juice menus are fruits mixed with vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, mint leaves, even red pepper. In order to make the process smother and healthier reduce the consumption of junk food, tea, coffee, and soda. 

Avoid cold water, ice cubes, sugar, and salt during the detoxification process. And the last, it’s better to use a juice extractor or juicer than blender. Because the usage of blender makes the fruits remain the waste.

These are some healthy juice recipes for safe detoxification:

· Apple and lemon juice
 500 grams of apple
1 lemon

How to make:
Wash the apples but do not peel them. Then squeeze the lemon. Put the apples into the juice extractor and get the apples extract. Put into the glass and pour the lemon water, mixed the apple juice and the lemon water. The juice is ready to consume.

· Orange juice with papaya mint
200 grams of ripe papaya
3 pieces of sweet orange
5 mint leaves

How to make:

Peel the papaya and cut them into small pieces, peel the oranges too. Then put the ingredients into the juice extractor and then put into a glass. The juice is ready to serve.

· Avocado Mint juice
2 avocados
5 mint leaves

How to make:
First, grab the avocados flesh and put into juice extractor. Filter the ingredients to get the extract. The juice is good to detoxification.

Those healthy juice recipes are good for removing the toxins and reaching a better quality of life, because the juice mixture is beneficial to maintain health.

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