3 Healthy Combination: Banana, Blueberries, Green Tea in One Smoothie


Fruits are one of the best source calories when having diet. You can enjoy raw or blend them become smoothies. In one of healthy smoothie recipes, banana-blueeberries-green tea smoothie

Secret Recipes

- ½ med banana
- 1½ cup of frozen blueberries
- 1 green tea bag
- 3 tablespoons of water
- 2 teaspoons of honey
- ¾ cup of calcium fortified light vanilla soy milk

How to make:
1. Boil water until steaming hot then pour it into a small cup or bowl. Brew a green tea bag into the hot water for about 3 minutes. After the green tea brew well, remove the bag and add 2 teaspoons of honey. Stir them well until the honey dissolves.
2. Put banana, blueberries and soy milk in the blender. Blend them with ice crushing ability.
3. Pour green tea to blender. Blend again the all the ingredients in high setting until smooth. Pour smoothie to a glass and serve it fresh. You can save the smoothie for later in a thermos, but remember to shake it vigorously.

Nutritional Facts:

In one serving, banana-blueberries-green tea smoothie has nutritional content of 269 calories, 63.4 g carbs, 2.7 g fats, 0.2 g saturated fat, 52.3 mg sodium, 38.5 g sugars, 3.7 g protein, and 7.8 g fiber.

Benefits in Every Ingredient

Why not only monkey, but human also loves banana? Is it because the flavor or powerful benefits? The answer is maybe both of them. You should know that in one banana, there are lots of nutritional benefits. Banana is the low-density food contains with high fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Fiber has known the role to aid digestion and balance sugar blood. Fiber makes your digest slower, so the nutrition can absorbed well and make you full longer. Potassium is important mineral for body systems to balance fluid rate and promote heart’s health. Banana is fruit with the highest vitamin B6 which boost immunity and also good for reduce hearth disease’s risks.

Blueberries are fruit with rich antioxidants to protect the cells from damage. Blueberries also contains with flavonoid anthocyanin produce leptin and adinoception. They are hormones help to burn cholesterol, boost metabolism, lower glucose level, and control satiety. That’s why diet with blueberries is very good to diminish belly fat. Vitamin E in blueberries is good for anti-aging, while vitamin C is good for maintain immunity to stay strong.

Green Tea

Green tea is called as powerful antioxidant which very beneficial for our body. The antioxidant is catechin called epigallocathechin gallate (EGCG), the powerful anti-carcinogen to fight the free radicals in our body. EGCG in green tea has role to treat diseases especially cancer cells in human body. ECGG also help to increase norepinephrine, hormone that gives signal to cells to break down the fats.

Green tea is also the source for caffeine. Caffeine is the stimulant to increase thermogenesis or fat burning process. When EGCG release in the bloodstream, caffeine will interfere with carbs absorption and make the muscle cells to change it into energy not fat.

The combination of banana, blueberries, and green tea create a powerful nutritional smoothie in one pack. It’s the perfect smoothie to keep your health and get rid your fat. Write down this combination in your diet menu list of healthy smoothie recipes.
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