Healthy Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Having a healthy and ideal body is everyone’s dream. Therefore, many people are working really hard to achieve their weight loss goal. One way you can achieve an ideal body is by using the juice diet for weight loss. 

There are many fruits and vegetable juice recipe that you can found in the internet and many of them is very simple to blend. Here are some healthy juice recipes for weight loss that you can try.

1. The Wingman Juice
To make this juice you need to prepare three medium sized of any apple of your choice, three large celery stalk, a half of cucumber, a half thumb of ginger root with a half inch diameter, four leaves of kale, one lemon, and one large peeled orange. 

When you get all the ingredients, put it all together in a juicer or a blender and then serve it. If you prefer to drink it cold, you can always add some ice into the mixture. Aside from assisting you in your weight loss quest, this juice can also assist in lowering your blood pressure and the cucumber in it will also help in improving your complexion.

2. The Heart Beet Juice
Another healthy juice recipes that you can try in your weight loss quest is the heart beet juice. The ingredients needed for this juice is quite simple. You need to prepare one medium sized apple, one beet root, twelve medium sized carrots, a half fruit of lemon, and two peeled medium sized oranges. 

Put all the ingredients in a blender or juicer and serve it. Aside from helping you to lose your weight, this juice is also said to be able to help prevent heart disease and cleanse your liver.

3. The Beets Juice
Our next recommendation of healthy juice recipes for weight loss is the beets juice. Aside from being used in weight loss diet, this juice is also use to cleanse the liver and blood. The ingredients needed to make this juice are one beet root with three inch diameter, two leaves of red cabbage, three medium sized of carrots, a half fruit of lemon, one orange, a quarter of pineapple, and two handful of spinach. 

Put together all of the ingredients inside a juicer or a blender and then serve. If you think it is too sweet, you can always add in some celery and reduce the amount of pineapple used in this juice.

4. The Mean Green
The last in our list of healthy juice recipes for weight loss is the mean green. This juice is quite popular since it is one of Joe Cross’ famous weight loss juice. The ingredients needed are two medium sized of apple, four large stalk of celery, one cucumber, a thumb of ginger root, six leaves of kale, and a half of lemon. 

Put all of the ingredients in a juicer or a blender and then serve. You can also add some ice if you prefer a cold drink. When consumed regularly, these healthy juices will help in your weight loss diet.

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