Detox Healthy Juice Recipes

There is no day that our body do not absorb toxins from everything surround. One of the fun ways to detox the entire toxin inside your body is by consuming the detox drink or food. 

There are many healthy juice recipes that have the function as a detox drink that you can make it by yourself in your own home.

Green Juice
Green vegetables are the best in terms of detox the entire toxin inside your body. The main ingredients of these recipes are usually celery which is the basic ingredients. Most people do not know that it is a powerhouse in terms u=of nutrition, it contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, amino acids, and also folic acid, a perfect combination right? 

This recipe works with some other ingredients which are 4 until 5 kale leaves, 1 lime, 1 inch of fresh ginger, 1 green apple, and 1 big handful of parsley leaves. Meanwhile for the celery, you only need 1 bunch of celery. All you need to do is just blend them together and then you can see how healthy it is just by looking at the green color that it has.

Apples and Roots
Many people say that we cannot combine apples and roots to make detox juice, but in this recipe, you will find out that this healthy juice recipe is amazing. You need 1 carrot, beet and also half apple together, and then you mix them inside the blender or juicer with a few slices of gingerroots. 

This combination will surely make your body cast away the toxin inside; the best thing is that you will get the sweet taste also thanks to the carrot that we put inside the ingredients. This carrot will also reduce the sour taste comes out form the apple that we use.

Immune Boost
One of the ways to detox the toxin inside our body is by enhancing our body immune. This next recipe will help your body immune to fight the bad things that come inside your body. All you need is 2 apples, 1 slice of cucumber, a handful of spinach, half celery stick, a quarter pineapples, 1 slice of cucumber, a quarter avocados and of course ice cube as you wish. 

Then like any other healthy juice recipes, you can just juice it or blend it together. This recipe is very rich of potassium, iron, and also vitamin C which will boost your immune system to fight the toxin inside your body.

Lotus Juice
This combination of simple ingredients and sweet taste will not cast away the fact that this recipe is for a detoxification. The juice blends inside this recipe will give you the best benefit of a detox juice recipe. This recipe inspired by the taste of Thai which is well-known for the detox drink. 

To make this recipe works you need 5 large Fuji apples, this is what makes this juice very tasty. Then you need 1 fresh ginger as the hunger controller, 1 medium lime, and the last is 7 large sprigs cilantro. All you need to do just blend all of the ingredients and make sure that they are blended as smooth as possible so you get the combination of flavor inside.

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