Three Healthy Juice Recipes For Breakfast

When you are trying to lose weight and stay healthy by opting for healthy diet options, you should be relying more on liquid diet as a breakfast option. There are various recipes for juices made of fruits and vegetables that will start your day the healthiest way. Here are three healthy juice recipes that you can drink at breakfast and stay healthy the whole day.

Ultimate green juice

Ultimate green juice

The ultimate green juice can be prepared with a bunch of celery, small amount of broccoli, four to five kale leaves, one medium sized green apple, handful of parsley leaves, one lime, one lemon, and an inch of fresh ginger. The base of any of the healthy juice recipes should be packed with nutritional things and that is why the Ultimate green juice has celery as its base.

Put in all the ingredients in the blender and make yourself the most detoxifying cocktail. The benefit of this recipe is that it will provide your body good amount of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid and other essential amino acids that are required by the body.

Grapefruit, carrot and ginger juice

ginger juice

If you thought that you are done with healthy juice recipes, you would miss out on the grapefruit, carrot and ginger juice. This healthy juice is full of choline, lycopene, potassium, and a whole lot amount of fiber which keeps the health of the heart good and lowers the blood pressure in the human body. Presence of carrots provides the body an adequate dosage of essential vitamins along with iron, manganese, and copper.

The ingredients for this zesty orange colored elixir include 5 chopped carrots, 2 chopped grapefruits that are peeled well, and one inch of chopped ginger. All the ingredients need to be put inside a juice maker and the juice is to be prepared. Do not forget to stir the juice well before serving.

Beet, apple and blackberry juice

blackberry juice

If healthy juice recipes can get us green and orange colored juices, it can also get us the purple powerhouse juice that is made of beet, apple and blackberries. The potent potion of nutrition needs 3 small beets, 3 medium sized apples, 8 ounce of blackberries and half inch fresh ginger that would be finely chopped.

Drinking this juice will enhance the functioning of bones, kidneys, liver, pancreas as well as it will ensure healthy nerves. The presence of blackberry makes this juice serve as a high level antioxidant and a good source of supplying the very essential Vitamin C to the body.

Drinking these juices in the morning will keep all the body organs in perfect health. With a healthy body you would feel more energetic and confident and would be able to lead a healthy life.

Images source: pikrepo, pixabay, pxhere
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